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Isabella Leokadia Kapczynski


Isabella Leokadia Kapczynski (b. 1995, Queens, New York)

BFA in Studio Art from New York University with a minor in English Literature

 MA from Sotheby's Institute of Art

To simplify, zoom in, and concentrate on a corner of reality, noticing a sliver, a piece, of the complexity in which we are conscious. In a single view, to pick a tiny moment, a blink of an eye, a glance, and enlarge it, through subjective vision and physical body, translating it into something semi-permanent.

To be able to observe (hold) any moment a bit longer is impossible, yet the work is an attempt to render it as it is consecutively filtered through eyes, memory, and hands, in the hope of invoking myriad moments and memories in a simple and subtly surreal image.

Every shadow flickering across the pavement, every breeze, every gleam of sunlight, every chill and every warmth. Each sensation, taste, and scent- how things just happen to come together wherever we happen to be.

If you really look, and see past conventions, reality is mystically abstract.



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